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I am making a file converter. I will have JButton's to Add and Remove files from the list. When adding a file, it'll bring up a JFileChooser(or something) and return a list of files. Will I need to repopulate the entire table each time I add/remove files? If I have to resolve to that, what is the best approach?

When I didn't have two columns, I used JListModel + JList< File>. Is there a similar approach for using JTables?

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No you don't have to repopulate the entire table. Just use DefaultTableModel.addRow(). JTable automatically creates an instance of DefaultTableModel.

Check this link:

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I think a good way is writing your own TableModel. If you inherit from AbstractTableModel, I think that it's a convenient way to use the observer design pattern. If you want to update the table, call fireTableXxx() methods.

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