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I'm currently creating my own Wordpress page with a customized css layout. How do I make the "content" that is generated via the "Add Pages" appear in a certain part of my layout or div? Which codes do I use in PHP to make the paragraph (or html codes) I type in the "Add pages" appear in that particular div?

The image below would help support my explanation:

generate-paragraph inside a certain div

I hope someone could help. Thanks!

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If you are writing the page in PHP on the backend, use this code to get a post. If you are using the page editor, there's a way to enable PHP in your post (it will compromise security though):

$my_postid = 12;//This is page id or post id
$content_post = get_post($my_postid);
$content = $content_post->post_content;
$content = apply_filters('the_content', $content);
$content = str_replace(']]>', ']]>', $content);
echo $content;
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Hi Luke. Will I just have to apply these php codes in between a <div class="example"></div> where I want the paragraph or html code to appear? Thank you. –  Niccolo Aug 12 '12 at 19:32
That's correct, are you inserting it through the backend (PHP file) or are you calling it from a page (from the database)> –  Luke Wyatt Aug 12 '12 at 21:36
Hi. I've tried doing your code above but what you gave is target specific in terms of the id.. I've inserted the code inside the "page.php" file. About your question above- I guess I'm trying to insert it in a php file (page.php). –  Niccolo Aug 13 '12 at 0:39
Take a look here Niccolo, I think this might be what you're looking for. This is a standard page template: heidicool.com/samplewordpress/theme-files/page-php –  Luke Wyatt Aug 13 '12 at 14:03
Hi Luke! I was put in the right direction with the link you gave. I used "<?php the_content(); ?>" to make the paragraph appear. Thanks a lot! –  Niccolo Aug 15 '12 at 23:46

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