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In play 1.x you had the http.path param which allowed you to set a url to add to every route


How can I achieve someting similar in play 2.0?

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In Play 2.1 you can do that with the following option in conf/application.conf:

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This is much easier than the accepted answer (which may not have worked in play 2.0) –  Nathan Sep 15 '14 at 10:03
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I asked at play's discussion group and they helped me achieve this initial version

I create a PrefixedRequest like this

import play.api.mvc.RequestHeader
import play.api.Play.configuration

import play.api.Play.current

class PrefixedRequest(request: RequestHeader) extends RequestHeader {

    def headers = request.headers
    def queryString = request.queryString

    // strip first part of path and uri if it matches http.path config
    def path = ("^" + prefix).r.replaceFirstIn(request.path, "/")
    def uri = ("^" + prefix).r.replaceFirstIn(request.uri, "/")

    def method = request.method
    def remoteAddress = request.remoteAddress

    lazy val prefix = {
      val config = configuration.getString("http.path").getOrElse("")
      if (config.endsWith("/")) config else config + "/"

object PrefixedRequest {
  def apply(request: RequestHeader) = new PrefixedRequest(request)

Then I used it in Global.scala

import play.api.GlobalSettings
import play.api.mvc.RequestHeader
import play.api.mvc.Handler

object Global extends GlobalSettings {

  override def onRouteRequest(request: RequestHeader): Option[Handler] = {


finnally added this to application.conf


It seems to work, but I couln't find out how to add that prefix to the reversed routes... can anybody gimme a hand on that part?


Some useful links

Check this thread and the docs

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apparently, these feature won't be included before version 2.1 - github.com/playframework/Play20/commit/da6bbc4 –  opensas Aug 13 '12 at 1:32
It could be great for i18n (/fr, /en...) –  iwalktheline Aug 13 '12 at 10:14
I think you'd be better off extending playframework.org/documentation/api/2.0/scala/play/api/mvc/… –  Drew Oct 16 '12 at 13:05

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