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Image manipulation is fun when it gets working. So far I am able to convert 24 bpp bitmap images to 8 bpp and do some tricks.

But I am stuck can't change them to 1 bpp which is exactly what I want. I work on .Net4 and I use an external library called Aforge.

does any body know how to convert an 8 bpp image to 1 bpp?


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Good question, introduced me to a great library :) For solution:

Bitmap binary = new Bitmap( 100, 100, PixelFormat.Format1bppIndexed );

As found at:

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You can use some image processing techniques such as Binarize and IntensityDetect to convert 8-bit images to black and white. We searched the internet and found some commercial toolkits that support these functions, but they don't support many file formats. We finally found a toolkit named leadtools that supports these features with huge set of other images processing functions. I noticed that this toolkit can natively work with any bit depths.

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After a long search, I got this code example working.

Bitonal (TIFF) Image Converter for .NET

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