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I have a relationship like this:


class Organization
  include Mongoid::Document
  include Mongoid::Timestamps

  field :name, type: String
  field :email, type: String

  has_and_belongs_to_many :users


class User
  include Mongoid::Document
  include Mongoid::Timestamps
  include ActiveModel::SecurePassword


  field :nick, type: String
  field :name, type: String
  field :email, type: String
  field :password_digest, type: String #for bcrypt-ruby

  ## Presence
  validates :nick, presence: true
  validates :email, presence: true
  validates :password, presence: true, :on => :create

  validates :nick, uniqueness: true
  validates :email, uniqueness: true

  has_many :documents, dependent: :delete
  has_many :storages, dependent: :delete

  has_and_belongs_to_many :organizations

I can save the organization and the users. The relation works fine, but now I want to add an Owner to organization, which is a User too. I tried with has_one :user, as: :owner but didn't work.

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Try adding this to your organization.rb:

has_one :owner, class_name: "User", inverse_of :owns

and add this to your user.rb:

belongs_to :owns, class_name: "Organization", inverse_of :owner

Or, if you prefer, you could reverse the logic and put the has_one in your user class and the belongs_to in your organization. It depends on the logic of your application, obviously.

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