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I need to compare two text files (in different directories) to see if they are different (a binary result is fine). Given a dataset such as the one below, is this possible within a datastep?


Alternatively, macro code would be fine! Checksum is a possibility, I need the code to run in both windows & unix.

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If you can read the contents of the whole file into one variable, SAS has an md5() function you could use. But I'm not sure how to read a file that way. –  itzy Aug 13 '12 at 15:06

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Pass it to the command line (via a pipe fileref)

In Windows, use the 'comp' command.

In Unix, use the 'diff' command.

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How would you do this using SAS? –  RawFocus Oct 17 '12 at 16:29

Thanks to Chris J - this worked for me:

%let root=%sysfunc(pathname(work));
file "&root.\x.txt";
put 'xxx';
file "&root.\x2.txt";
put 'xx x';
filename x pipe "diff &root.\x.txt &root.\x2.txt ";
infile x;
input x $1000.;
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