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I am starting with rails and I am having a issue on nested routes with 2 ids.

I submit a form from:


And I get redirect to:


(with 23 being the id of the new bank)

The problem is that I can't force this url to keep the first id = 1 as on the first route after the create action.

My Admin::Bank controller on the create here:

def create
  @world_bank = Admin::Bank.new(params[:admin_banque])
  @world_bank.world_id = params[:id]
  redirect_to admin_bank_path(@world_bank.world_id, @world_bank.id)


namespace :admin do
   resources :mondes do
      member do
        resources :banques

And rake routes:

admin_banks GET    /admin/worlds/:id/banks(.:format)          admin/banks#index
POST   /admin/worlds/:id/banks(.:format)          admin/banks#create
new_admin_bank GET    /admin/worlds/:id/banks/new(.:format)      admin/banks#new
edit_admin_bank GET    /admin/worlds/:id/banks/:id/edit(.:format) admin/banks#edit
admin_bank GET    /admin/worlds/:id/banks/:id(.:format)      admin/banks#show
PUT    /admin/worlds/:id/banks/:id(.:format)      admin/banks#update
DELETE /admin/worlds/:id/banks/:id(.:format)      admin/banks#destroy

The fact is that I see:

:id/thing/:id/stuff when I know I should get :world_it/thing/:id/stuff

I've tried different way to use the redirect, especially the redirect_to admin_banks(world_id, id) for example, but it stayed the same.

I am pretty sure this could be fixed with a match in the routes.rb but I can't make it work for now...

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It seems you put the wrong routes code here. I dont see worlds and banks resources there. –  Jacob Dam Aug 13 '12 at 8:18

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Get rid of the :member block around your nested resource & it should work. Try:

namespace :admin do
  resources :mondes do
    resources :banques
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I just dont get why it is so different tho. But thx anyway ! –  C404 Aug 14 '12 at 7:11

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