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I need a way to segue way to a view controller when the app opens from a NSLocalNotification.

I don't really know where to start and I can't find any examples on how to do it online. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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Where to start:

Do you know how to initiate a segue through code? If not, see the UIViewController docs and search around here for prepareForSegue and performSegueWithIdentifier There are lots of hits. Also this is a good tutorial: iOS 5 Storyboard: How To use Segues, Scenes and Static Content UITableViews but there are many out there.

Have you worked with UILocalNotifications? See the UILocalNotification Programming Guide for an overview.

In terms of handling the event, that is done by the UIApplicationDelegate See the event method: application:didReceiveLocalNotification:

Local notifications are similar to remote push notifications, but differ in that they are scheduled, displayed, and received entirely on the same device. An application can create and schedule a local notification, and the operating system then delivers it at the schedule date and time. If it delivers it when the application is not active in the foreground, it displays an alert, badges the application icon, or plays a sound—whatever is specified in the UILocalNotification object. If the application is running in the foreground, there is no alert, badging, or sound; instead, the application:didReceiveLocalNotification: method is called if the delegate implements it.

How you handle a UILocalNotification will depend on the state of your app: foreground, background, inactive.

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