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I have a script that parses a log file for a game (used for replays). It contains most of the actions in the game such as movements, kills, deaths, etc.

I've been using this script for a while but now I'm working on a stats site using Codeigniter and I'm getting a lot of error notices and I'm not sure why.

The exact error is Message: Undefined offset: 3

The lines it's referring to are the lines in the team case that have $message[3] in them.

Here's the script:

$f = fopen($full_path,"r");
    while ($line = fgets($f))
        $line = str_replace("ööööö", " ",trim($line));  // these characters are found in win replay files
        $line = str_replace("ššššš", " ", $line);  // these characters are found in mac replay files
        $message = explode(" ",$line);
        $lasttimestamp = $message[sizeof($message)-1];
        if ($message[0]=="PLAYERSENT" || $message[0]=="TCPSENT")
            $swapfield = $message[0];
            $message[0] = $message[1];
            $message[1] = $swapfield;

        switch ($message[0])

        case "team":    // team (player id) (team)
            $name = $names[$message[1]];
            if ($message[2]>-1) $players[$name]['Played'] = true;

            $players[$name]['Sessions'][] = array("Team"=>$players[$name]['Team'],"TimeSpent"=>($message[3]-$players[$name]['LastTimeStamp']));
            if ($players[$name]['Team']>-1) $players[$name]['TotalTime'] += $message[3]-$players[$name]['LastTimeStamp'];
            $players[$name]['Team'] = $message[2];
            $players[$name]['LastTimeStamp'] = $message[3];

The case matches lines that look like this:

team 4 -1ööööö57167168

As seen in the script, the ööööö characters are replaced with a space, so it should become team 4 -1 57167168, so $message[3] should be showing me the timestamp 57167168

I can't figure out why it's giving me the notices for this, any ideas how can fix this?

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var_dump $message in the case block. What does it show? – mAu Aug 12 '12 at 22:08
Check (e.g. as per @mAu's suggestion) that $message contains what you think it should after the explode. Since you are str_replace strings with accents you may be hitting encoding issues and hence finding the replacement is not actually taking place. – borrible Aug 12 '12 at 22:11
Ya, just did var_dump and it's lumping -1ööööö57167168 into message[2] and not creating message[3]. It's showing -1�����194511227 so it seems like an encoding issue. How can I get it to replace it correctly? – Motive Aug 12 '12 at 22:14
As this answer states, � is the unicode replace string. Which encoding is your input file? – mAu Aug 12 '12 at 22:26

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