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I am having problems with the outlook configuration wizard for Dynamics CRM. When I click TEST Connection I get a message "Cannot connect to Microsoft Dynamics CRM server because we cannot authenticate your credentials. Check our connection or contact your administrator for morehelp."

The problem is documented at http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2666080

The cause of this issue is due to not having your Windows Live ID verified. When you sign up for a Windows Live ID and you are not using a @hotmail.com or a @live.com email address, you will need to verify the e-mail address before it can be used to configure the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Client for Outlook.

However the KB does not explain how I get the onmicrosoft.com email address verified

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I hav'nt had this issue myself, but it sounds like you created a Live Id with a non-Microsoft Email Address, e.g. kirsten@kirstenscompany.com. You need to log into that Email Address (kirsten@kirstenscompany.com) and find the email from Microsoft and click the verification link - as is common in many registration processes.

This is actually described in the knowledge base article you linked under the 'Resolution' section.

After the creation of your Windows Live ID, an email is sent to the email address you created as your Windows Live ID. You will need to login to that email account and click on the link in the email to verify the email address. Once that is complete, you will be able to continue the configuration of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Client for Outlook.

There's a good chance that link will time out after a while, in which case I would log into the Live Id account on the Microsoft Website, this should probably allow you to get another verification link.

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I assume the email address we are talking about is the one that the set up for the dynamics CRM trial suggested. i.e myname@mycompany.onmicrosoft.com I dont know how to get in to read this email. I dont recall seeing any instructions. Some instructions were sent to my proper email address, but they did not include how to use or validate this email address. –  kirsten g Aug 13 '12 at 22:05
Have you tried logging into hotmail with it? You just go through one of the live id sites e.g. login.live.com –  James Wood Aug 14 '12 at 0:08
I can get into the microsoft account that way, and send a verification email. BUT I dont know how to get into email to receive the verification email –  kirsten g Aug 14 '12 at 5:11
Is the address you signed up with an actual email address? E.g. If I was creating a Live Id but wanted to use a Yahoo Email Address, I would have to sign into Yahoo to validate it. If the address you signed up with isnt a real email address then you wont be able to verify. –  James Wood Aug 14 '12 at 8:28

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