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I have a solution that is checked into our TFS source control repository, but when I open it in Visual Studio 2005 the padlock symbol that usually tells you it is under source control is missing. The effect of this is that when I save after performing an action in VS2005 that would typically force a solution file checkout (e.g. adding a new project) I get the following error:

The file xxx.sln cannot be saved because it is write-protected.

You can either save the file in a different location or Microsoft Visual Studio can attempt to remove the write-protection and overwrite the file in its current location.

All the projects auto-checkout fine, and have the padlock icons beside they correctly too. I assume I just need to mark the solution as being under source control somehow.

Any ideas??


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Go to File->SourceControl->Change Source Control and set the binding of your project there to an appropriate location in TFS repository.

The link here (Change Source Control Dialog) will give you the details on how to deal with it.

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Spot on. Thanks! – MPritchard Jul 28 '09 at 8:41

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