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well, the problem is this. I have this tables.

item , person , person_item

then i do the relationship Many to Many in the model and in the controller of person i use person.items.build and use the fields_for in the view i have ALL but in the relationship table person_item is like this

create_table "person_items", :force => true do |t|
t.integer  "person_id"
t.integer  "item_id"
t.integer  "num"
t.datetime "created_at"
t.datetime "updated_at"

i don't know how add the field cant when the fields person_id and item_id of relationship is fill how i do the view for this?

part of view of person

<div class="field">
<%= f.label :nom %><br />
<%= f.text_field :nom %>
<% f.fields_for :items do |builder|%>
<div class="field">
<%= f.label :nomItem %><br />
<%= f.text_field :nomItem %>

i think is some like this but this fills 2 rows, one with num and all blank and the other without num.

<% f.fields_for :person_items do |pi|%>
<div class="field">
<%= pi.label :num %><br />
<%= pi.text_field :num %>
<%end%> #end of person_items
<%end%> #end of items
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Are you using has_and_belongs_to_many or has_many :through? You should be using has_many :through. –  Beerlington Aug 13 '12 at 1:23
i using has_many :through because, the cant is from the relationship example: john has a cant(number) of items –  VladimirEncina Aug 13 '12 at 3:09
is cant like a cart that a person adds items to? –  n_i_c_k Aug 13 '12 at 5:50
i edit it, the attribute is number like, John has 8 items. –  VladimirEncina Aug 13 '12 at 6:50

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