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I've tried everything. All I want is for my ZK grid to fit to the available space in the center of the borderlayout. If there is extra information in the grid I want the grid to scroll, not the center of the borderlayout. If I enter width="100%" and height="100%" for the grid, the width displays correctly, but the height extends well below the bottom of the page (out of sight). I thought borderlayout was supposed to adjust the height of center to height of page minus north minus south? Anybody got any clues?

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As per ZK Grid [documentation][1] > A grid can be scrollable if you specify the height attribute and there is not enough space to display all data [1]: books.zkoss.org/wiki/ZK_Component_Reference/Data/… –  kachhalimbu Aug 13 '12 at 7:41

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From my experience its better to use hflex and vflex attributes with values set to "1" (or "true") to fit components to the space of parent components. And you can try to use it in combination with grid's style="overflow: auto". Read this ZK doc section for further info.

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