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I am looking for a non-commercial or commercial online widget/tool written either in Java, Flash, HTML5 and JAVASCRIPT or any other way, that provides the following features:

  • Can be embedded inside a website (like a java applet, flash , or javascript div, ..)
  • Has the primary drawing or image editing tools such as (pen, eraser, color pick , etc..)
  • Has a save feature that saves the works in JPEG or PNG or other useful formats

I have searched and searched and found only http://www.mainada.net/inputdraw/ which seems to have very limited tools.

There are sites that have drawing canvases (photoshop.com or http://muro.deviantart.com/) but as far as I know its not possible to embed those and have them load / save a specific file!

Any kind of help is appreciated! :)

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SVG edit


Has basic shapes, line, bezier, multi-segment. Page above has link to sandbox where you can play.

Web Tools for You to Use.


Extensive list of items, mostly not useful, but worth looking at.

Cool Tools for Schools to Use


Another list of things to check out. Most are too specialized and have limited capability.


This one is typical of paint programs -- you can't edit what you just drew, except with the undo key.

I would recommend starting with the SVG edit code. Objects are kept in vector space, so re-editing is possible.

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