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I have a Thread which runs my game loop. I want to be able to run this game loop each time I start a new game. But since the threads in Java can only be started once, how can I do this?

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Create a new Thread around the same Runnable instance and start that.

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I tried that, and for some reason the thread runs only once, then stops. I invoke new Thread(new GameLoop()).start() when I start the game. Why isn't this working? (It works fine on the first try though) –  Mertcan Ekiz Aug 13 '12 at 2:11
@MertcanEkiz - I think you misunderstood the answer ... –  Stephen C Aug 13 '12 at 2:15
Oh, I'm so stupid. When I start the game again, I forgot to reset the enemy position so when I start it the enemy is on my character so I die immediately. That method works after all. Thanks! –  Mertcan Ekiz Aug 13 '12 at 2:16
@StephenC I don't know, but it works so it doesn't matter I guess :D –  Mertcan Ekiz Aug 13 '12 at 2:17

Since you want the Thread that runs the game loop to keep running it, you need to code it something like this:

  public class GameLoop implements Runnable {
      public void run() {
         while (gameNotFinished) {
            // do stuff

If that is not working, then the chances are that the run() method is dying because of an exception that you are not catching / logging, and therefore not noticing.

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1. When you say that "you need to run a thread", i means you want to start a sub-task on a separate thread.

2. Now if you mean this certain sub-task, then please prefer to run a new thread.

3. As you said But since the threads in Java can only be started once

This means that when a thread (thread of execution) completes its run() method, then the Thread object associated with it permanently looses its threadness, right....

But if this thread is from a pool, then the pool itself manages the Thread objects and its reused. Try using Executors from java.util.concurrent package.

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1) The short answer is precisely what SLaks already said: just "...create a new thread around the same runnable instance and start that."

2) I think you might be confused about the distinction between the everyday meaning of "start", and the semantics of the Java Thread method "start()". This tutorial might help:

3) Should you wish to re-use the same thread, you can use the methods "wait()" and "resume()":

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