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I have been trying to get hardware instancing working in XNA 4. I have been following a Microsoft sample code and have everything working until the last couple lines of code.

The problem I am having is the the effect.Techniques only has basic effect in it. when I compile and run their source code it has the hardware instancing option, just not in what I copied over. It may have something to do with the InstancedModelPipeline that their project has, but I cant find how it actually gets linked in to the project. Their InstancedModelPipeline pulls in a InstancedModel.fx that has HardwareInstancing in it.

Effect effect = meshPart.Effect;

effect.CurrentTechnique = effect.Techniques["HardwareInstancing"];

SampleCode Site

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InstancedModelPipeline is a content pipeline extension. To use it you must right click on your content project, click "Add Reference", and then select the InstancedModelPipeline project.

InstancedModelPipeline in the content project reference list

(Note: don't reference content pipeline extensions from your game project.)

The InstancedModelPipeline project makes a new content processor for models available, called InstancedModelProcessor. You must select your model in your content project, go to the Properties panel (F4), and set your model to use this processor.

InstancedModelProcessor selected

The default XNA model processor will build BasicEffect into the model (the ModelMeshPart.Effect properties). This content processor will build in InstancedModel.fx instead, which includes the HardwareInstancing effect you are looking for.

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Thank you So much! I was banging my head on this for several hours last night! – FreakinaBox Aug 13 '12 at 14:03
Is there a way to automatically set every model to use the instanced model processor or do you have to set each one manually? – FreakinaBox Aug 13 '12 at 14:13
@FreakinaBox I think you might be able to multi-select them in the solution explorer (ctrl-click) and set the properties on all of them at once. Or edit the .contentproj file in a text editor if you need to be more heavy-duty about it. – Andrew Russell Aug 14 '12 at 8:09

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