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I am using class_eval to define a bunch of repetitive methods more concisely, something like this:

%w{greasy chunky bacon}.product(%w{flying sky poodle}).each do |a,b|
  class_eval "def #{a}_#{b}; do_something; end"

I would like all the resulting methods to be included in the RDoc documentation. Is there an RDoc directive which "manually" adds a method to the list of methods for the class? I can't find one.

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See the sections on Metaprogrammed Methods and Hidden methods and attributes in the RDoc documentation for RDoc::Parser::Ruby.

In your case, you would do something like:

# :method: greasy_flying
# Makes grease fly.

# :method: chunky_poodle
# This is a really gruesome method. Ewww!

And so on.

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Awesome, I knew there must be something like this, but I was looking in the wrong place. Thanks! +1 – Alex D Aug 13 '12 at 12:50

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