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On Windows 7 to retrieve the name of a logged on user I can do this:

LPTSTR pUserName = NULL;
DWORD dwcbSzUserName = 0;

//'dwSessID' = user session ID
if(WTSQuerySessionInformation(WTS_CURRENT_SERVER_HANDLE, dwSessID, WTSUserName, &pUserName, &dwcbSzUserName))
    //Got user name in 'pUserName'


But on Windows 8 it returns some abbreviated name, for instance, "john_000" when the actual user's name is "John A. Doe".

So what is the way to retrieve the name of the logged on user (and possibly their email) on Windows 8 with C++ using WinAPIs as it's shown at log-on screen?

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You could try NetUserGetInfo with USER_INFO_23 to get full name.

Something basically like:

    //Got user name in 'pUserName'
    NetUserGetInfo(NULL, pUserName, 23, my_USER_INFO_23);
    //Got display name in my_USER_INFO_23.usri23_full_name
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Very nice, this is the way to get the full user name. But what about the email? –  ahmd0 Aug 13 '12 at 4:40
Sorry, don't know. Are you talking about retrieving a Windows Live ID linked to the user account (if any) ? –  azhrei Aug 13 '12 at 5:04
I think a user ID is linked to the Live ID on Windows 8. If you have Windows 8, it shows as an email right next to your user icon on a logon screen. But that's OK, as long as I have a full user name I'd be fine. Thanks! –  ahmd0 Aug 13 '12 at 6:00
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