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I've successfully created a view in XPages which contains list of all my lotusscript agents and a button to run the selected agent. When I select any one of the agent and run it, it successfully run but all the print statements are not appearing. I checked my code and my print codes are there. Run my agent from designer and the print statements do appear. Is this due to the limitation of xpinc?

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Have you checked log.nsf on the server to see if the agent print statements are there? –  Per Henrik Lausten Aug 13 '12 at 7:00

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Print statements go to the console. So you should find them in the log.nsf you also can start the client with the -rparams --console to get a console. Of course you could follow this example and send the print to a place where you can process it. Or - if the prints serve debugging purposes, use the Debug Toolbar from OpenNTF.

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