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do you know how to store the result from


of groovy sql to a list? for example def personList = [] ?


    sql.eachRow('select lastname from users where id='active')

What I want is to store the result ie. lastnames to a list ie def personlist = []; I know I can easily do this by namedQuery and I've already done it. But their is some underlying reason about this. Thanks in advance.

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def reqdColName = "lastname"
def query = "select $reqdColName from users where id='active'"

Straight option would be to use the rows() method.

def list= Sql.rows(query) //returns groovyrowresult as list

Another option is you could use the executeQuery instead, to get hold of the resultset of the query and thereby get an array/list on it.

def array = Sql.executeQuery(query).getArray(reqdColName)

//If you need as a list
def personList = Arrays.asList(array) 
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