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In git command line, we can use git commit -a.

How can I do that using dulwich?

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When considering the various tests for a commit, like those in, it doesn't seem to be possible in one line:

    commit_sha = r.do_commit('modified a',
                             committer='Test Committer <>',
                             author='Test Author <>',
                             commit_timestamp=12395, commit_timezone=0,
                             author_timestamp=12395, author_timezone=0)

You need to find modified or deleted files first, and stage them, before calling the commit.

The other alternative would be to use git-python, which is a wrapper to git, but it doesn't offer either that feature out of the box.

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Note that apart from the commit message the other arguments to r.do_commit() are optional. –  jelmer Aug 20 '12 at 21:24

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