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I'm getting a routing error: No route matches [POST] "/students/1" that I can't figure out. Here are the details.

view code:

<% @students.each do |student| %>
    <td><%= link_to 'Show', student %></td>
    <td><%= link_to 'Edit', edit_student_path(student) %></td>
    <td><%= link_to 'Select Subjects', select_path(student) %></td>  # error occurs here

In my students controller:

def select

routes.rb: HomeSchool::Application.routes.draw do

  resources :notes

  resources :assignments

  resources :subjects do
    resources :assignments, :only => [:create, :index, :new]

  resources :students

  resources :resources

  match "students/:id/select" => "students#select", :as => :select

  root :to => 'students#index'


The output from rake routes is:

                       GET    /students/:id/select(.:format)                  students/:id#select
                 notes GET    /notes(.:format)                                notes#index
                       POST   /notes(.:format)                                notes#create
              new_note GET    /notes/new(.:format)                            notes#new
             edit_note GET    /notes/:id/edit(.:format)                       notes#edit
                  note GET    /notes/:id(.:format)                            notes#show
                       PUT    /notes/:id(.:format)                            notes#update
                       DELETE /notes/:id(.:format)                            notes#destroy
           assignments GET    /assignments(.:format)                          assignments#index
                       POST   /assignments(.:format)                          assignments#create
        new_assignment GET    /assignments/new(.:format)                      assignments#new
       edit_assignment GET    /assignments/:id/edit(.:format)                 assignments#edit
            assignment GET    /assignments/:id(.:format)                      assignments#show
                       PUT    /assignments/:id(.:format)                      assignments#update
                       DELETE /assignments/:id(.:format)                      assignments#destroy
   subject_assignments GET    /subjects/:subject_id/assignments(.:format)     assignments#index
                       POST   /subjects/:subject_id/assignments(.:format)     assignments#create
new_subject_assignment GET    /subjects/:subject_id/assignments/new(.:format) assignments#new
              subjects GET    /subjects(.:format)                             subjects#index
                       POST   /subjects(.:format)                             subjects#create
           new_subject GET    /subjects/new(.:format)                         subjects#new
          edit_subject GET    /subjects/:id/edit(.:format)                    subjects#edit
               subject GET    /subjects/:id(.:format)                         subjects#show
                       PUT    /subjects/:id(.:format)                         subjects#update
                       DELETE /subjects/:id(.:format)                         subjects#destroy
              students GET    /students(.:format)                             students#index
                       POST   /students(.:format)                             students#create
           new_student GET    /students/new(.:format)                         students#new
          edit_student GET    /students/:id/edit(.:format)                    students#edit
               student GET    /students/:id(.:format)                         students#show
                       PUT    /students/:id(.:format)                         students#update
                       DELETE /students/:id(.:format)                         students#destroy
             resources GET    /resources(.:format)                            resources#index
                       POST   /resources(.:format)                            resources#create
          new_resource GET    /resources/new(.:format)                        resources#new
         edit_resource GET    /resources/:id/edit(.:format)                   resources#edit
              resource GET    /resources/:id(.:format)                        resources#show
                       PUT    /resources/:id(.:format)                        resources#update
                       DELETE /resources/:id(.:format)                        resources#destroy
                select        /students/:id/select(.:format)                  students#select
                  root        /                                               students#index

Any suggestions? I'm having a really hard time grasping exactly how routing in rails is supposed to work and I have yet to find any kind of treatise on it but I'm pretty sure that having no method listed for my select route is at least part of my problem.



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Are you sure the error happens in the line you are saying? –  Nobita Aug 13 '12 at 4:36
There is something somewhere that is not in your question. Notice the line at the top of your rake:routes -- GET /students/:id/select(.:format) students/:id#select. First of all there is only a GET method defined for this. Second, there is no controller for students/:id to have a select action on. Nothing in the routes.rb file would cause this. I'm actually interested in how you got it to think that your controller name was students/:id. If you get rid of whatever is causing that it should work fine, however, shioyama's solution is more elegant. –  Joeyjoejoejr Aug 13 '12 at 5:39
Ok, fixed now, but I have no idea how I got it to think I had a students/:id controller. –  lonC Aug 13 '12 at 22:57

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Try removing the match in your routes.rb file and change your students resource to this:

resources :students do
  member do
    get 'select'

Also update your view to call select_student_path(student).

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Thanks, that did it. –  lonC Aug 13 '12 at 23:46

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