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I am not pretty much sure on whether my understanding is correct or not regarding DNS and IP address. But here is what I am trying to do

I have started one webserver on my android mobile [ijetty]. There i have created some web application. It is accessible on my mobile.

I took my external ip address from whatismyip.com. Then appended this ip address with port number of the server. I tried it on some other mobile which was using wifi connection tethered from my mobile, I was able to login to the application.

But when I tried the same url on my office computer, it was not working and it said The request timed out before the page could be retrieved.

As per my understanding DNS is just a mapping of ip address with domain name and if i make a host file entry of the domain name, i can access that page without providing ip address. So why I am not able to access application hosted on my mobile phone.

Please correct me where I am wrong.


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Your understanding of DNS is correct.

The problem you are facing is of a non-static IP. The android device you are using must be getting its IP from somewhere. Most probably the GSM/LTE/CDMA Service Provider or the WiFi it is connected to i.e. from your ISP. The IP obtained thus is not quaranteed to be same all the time and new/available IP will be leased to you on subsequent lease renewal. Try taking a look at whatismyip from your android device (Server) again and see if the IP is same as you used previously.

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Thanks for your response, just one small doubt, as long as the ip address remains constant (till i haven't turned my screen off), I should be able to access the application, don't you think so. but I am unable to access it. –  codeomnitrix Aug 13 '12 at 5:45
The error means that you can hit the IP but the request is timing out. Can you look at logs on your ijetty? Look at this to configure logging. docs.codehaus.org/display/JETTY/Debugging –  IUnknown Aug 13 '12 at 5:52
hi, It might be silly, I have just started learning jetty, So not very much sure how to get the logs. But I tried with ES file explorer remote access using ftp://myexternalip:port/ but still I was not able to access my SD card, same response I am getting on browser. –  codeomnitrix Aug 13 '12 at 6:14

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