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When pushing objects from ColdFusion to Flex via BlazeDS, and mapping the classes using RemoteClass...

[RemoteClass(alias="blah.blah")] it possible to have ColdFusion "Arrays" (or some Java equivalent) automatically mapped to ActionScript ArrayCollections?

This chap nearly had it, but not quite:

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For what it's worth, a ColdFusion Query object maps directly and automatically to an ArrayCollection. So if it's an option, you could manually create a query object and return that from your service.

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After upgrading to CF 9.0.1 & BlazeDS 4, I finally have an answer to this.

You can now use the following node in you services-config.xml


Details here:

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i just stumbled on this article on serialization via java. I have yet to try this (hopefully later today). Hopefully it helps some.

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From Java to Flex a List (Java) maps directly to an ArrayCollection (AS3).

You can see a full list here.

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