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I'm new to OpenERP and python and I need some help saving an amount into a particular account. I have created a field in the invoice form that calculates a specific amount based on some code and displays that amount in the field. What I want to do is to associate an account with this field, so when the invoice is validated and/or payed, this amount is saved into an account and later on I can see it in the journal entries and/or chart of account. Any idea how to do that ?

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You can override "pay_and_reconcile" function to write in account field, this function is called at time of Pay.




this 3 function are called at time of validating invoice. You can override any one from this or you can add your own function . in workflow for the "open" activity.

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Thank you, this helped a lot, now at least I know where to look. I'll try to study the code and create mine. –  Ilyes Ferchiou Aug 13 '12 at 8:01

You should override the write method of the invoice. Have a look at other addons on how to do that (you can find a lot of example using

grep -r "def write" *

inside the addons' folder.

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