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Im using Sencha Touch 2 where i have a login form asking for username and password now i want to store user details via Session/Cookie so the user can logout,

i browsed some links which i got

Sencha-touch : save login / password (save session, multi-tasks)

but im being an new to sench touch develpment

any help using code examples will be of very great input for me

Thanks in advance

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This is something which is managed by the server, not the client, so you want to look at , not at sencha itself.

On a guess that you are using php, for something really basic, take a look at:

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You can use the HTML5 localStore object. For instance, when a user logs in and your server request is made, on the callback of a successful server request you can store any necessary data. Here is a snippet from one of my apps:

loginCallback: function(options, success, response) {
        var responseOjbect = Ext.JSON.decode(response.responseText);
        if (responseOjbect.success) {
            this.clearLoginStorage(); //runs a function to clear some login storage values
            if (rememberme) {               
                localStorage.setItem("rememberme", 1);              
            } else {
                localStorage.setItem("rememberme", 0);
            localStorage.setItem("userid", responseOjbect.userid);
            localStorage.setItem("first_name", responseOjbect.first_name);
            localStorage.setItem("last_name", responseOjbect.last_name);
            localStorage.setItem("appsettingone", responseOjbect.appsettingone);
            localStorage.setItem("appsettingtwo", responseOjbect.appsettingtwo);
            localStorage.setItem("setdate",  new Date());

            if (!this.dashboard) {
                Ext.create('myApp.view.Dashboard', {
                    //additional config
        } else {
            Ext.Msg.alert('Attention', responseOjbect.errorMessage, Ext.emptyFn);

Once you have set your localStorage items, they can be retrieved or removed like so:

localStorage.getItem("user_id"); //retrieve
localStorage.removeItem("userid"); //remove

So when you call your logout function, just don't remove any localStorage objects you want to keep. Then you can call localStorage.getItem("VALUE") to retrieve them upon next login

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hi jeffery i made use of localStorage but no success -- my code localStorage.setItem("uid", "A"); localStorage.setItem("password", "B"); var ss =localStorage.getItem("uid"); console.log(retJson.password); – chandanv Aug 14 '12 at 10:27
Same code works for me if i console.log your ss variable... maybe viewing the guide on HTML5 storage will help – Jeff Wooden Aug 14 '12 at 17:18

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