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I need to find out the number <input> tag within a <Div> tag.. How it's possible.. For example the code will be like this..

<div><li ><a>Jayan</a><input type="checkbox" id="c21" onClick="fcheck(this);" ></li>
<li ><a href="#">Reshaba</a><input type="checkbox" id="c22" onClick="fcheck(this);" >
		<li ><a>crescent</a><input type="checkbox" id="c221" onClick="fcheck(this);" ></li>
		<li ><a>crescent</a><input type="checkbox" id="c222" onClick="fcheck(this);" ></li>
		<li ><a>crescent</a><input type="checkbox" id="c223" onClick="fcheck(this);" ></li>
		<li ><a>crescent</a><input type="checkbox" id="c224" onClick="fcheck(this);" ></li>

Please help

Praveen J

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Why always the jquery solutions ? There is nothing wrong with using jquery, but including a JS library to count some elements is serious overkill.

Native javascript:

var inputCount = document.getElementById('divId').getElementsByTagName('input').length;
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+1 for doing it without a framework. I agree, for something as simple as this, a framework is overkill. – Andreas Grech Jul 28 '09 at 10:06
+1 - put jQuery in your answer if the question is about jQuery - or if there is a serious benefit to be derived from its use. – Sohnee Jan 28 '10 at 16:25

Take a look at the getElementsByTagName method.

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Very easy if you can use jQuery:

$('#divId input').length;

Otherwise @Jon Grant's answer is what you need

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Use jQuery:

$("div input").length
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