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I am using oracle 10g

I need to get the difference between two dates in the format of to_char(‘HH24:MI’).

I tried to apply :

Select to_char(FRM_TIME-HOURS_IN,'HH24:MI') FROM Time_Test 

but it gave me invalid number format.

Can you please help.

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WHAT database system? SQL is just the structured query language - used by many database systems. Stuff like this is vendor-specific - so we need to know what database system (which product) you're using. – marc_s Aug 13 '12 at 6:49
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This is what I'd use:

select to_char(DATE '2000-01-01' + (FRM_TIME-HOURS_IN),'HH24:MI') FROM Time_Test
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try to use

datediff() to get Date diff.

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i tried datediff but still it did'nt work. below is my sample query. select datediff(HOURS_IN-FRM_Time) from Time_Test – ZEE Aug 13 '12 at 7:20

Try this:

, (24 * extract(day from (FRM_TIME- HOURS_IN) day(9) to second))
+ extract(hour from (FRM_TIME- HOURS_IN) day(9) to second)
+ ((1/100) * extract(minute from (FRM_TIME- HOURS_IN) day(9) to second)) as "HOUR.MINUTE"
* from t
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