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My site has a lot of partners, they all have a link in their menu plus a banner linking to my aite. The link in the menu is loaded on every partner's site page and the banner on their front pages. So I have many inbound links from every partner. My problem is that the banner is included with .js so it's Not being crawled from ehat I read.

This means on a lot of pages I'm having only one inbound link indexed when I might have two. Are twominbound links from the same page better than just one? Or does Googlebot only counts a single link per page?

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First, all of this is implementation-dependent: different search engines count links to site differently. However, it seems that you're following "SEO for bots" approach. Don't do it. Search engines get more users and revenue when they show relevant information, so they continuously refine their ranking algorithms to downrank sites going purely to appeal for bots. Your numerous "partner links" are useless to end-users and so the more you have such unnatural links, the more likely you to hit downranking threshold.

Optimize for users and parseability, not for raw numbers.

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It's better to have one, especially if they are site-wide links. If you have more than one link, say in a single page, then yes that does count and is a good way to mix up anchors for different pages (and it has also worked for the same linked-to address, different anchors, in my experience)

Because the banner is in javascript doesn't necessarily mean Google can't crawl it. They do crawl the basic forms of adding content to the DOM. The best way to see if it's getting crawled is to look at the cached page Google has in the search index, and switch to text-only mode.

Also, the partner links are worthwhile. Oleg has the right idea to build websites for users and not search engines, but having relevant links among partner websites is a very valuable resource to have in SEO. Not everything in SEO is about the end user (obviously, if not most things!). Many hosting and web development companies put links to their website in footers of client sites -- same concept.

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My tests on Google show that a second link from the same page to another page don't count at all. Only the first link counts. It doesn't penalize you - except to the extent that if the link count of a page is high (100+ links) there is a small penalty.

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How recent was that? Details of case study? I have conflicting results. – Zachary Schuessler Aug 13 '12 at 14:53

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