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In my word game there is a grid with 3 letter words.

The aim of the game is to spell the words by clicking on the corresponding letters on the side.

When an area in the grid is highlighted it indicates to the user the word to spell. The user clicks the letters on the side of the grid and they move to the highlighted area.

At the moment I have the styles to show if the individual letters are correct, but when a word is completed I need it to recognize this so I can apply the styles to it.

Can someone show me some code that recognizes the correct and wrong words?

When it was a drag and drop game I did it like this...

 if (guesses[word].length == 3) {
        if (guesses[word].join('') == word) {

        $('td[data-word=' + word + ']').addClass('wordglow2');

    } else {

        $('td[data-word=' + word + ']').addClass("wordglow4");
        target.splice(0, guesses[word].length);


Here is the code for the click to animate function...

if (target.length) {
    $(".minibutton").prop("disabled", true);
    b.clone().addClass("letter") =="letter") ? "wordglow3" : "wordglow").appendTo("table").css({
        background: "transparent",
        position: "absolute",
        left: currentPos.left
        left: targetPos.left
    }, "slow", function() {
            top: 0,
            left: 0

I have tried this...

        if (target.length == 3) {
            if (target.join('') == word) {


     } else {

            $('td[data-word=' + word + ']').addClass("wordglow4");       
                guesses[word].splice(0, guesses[word].length);


and this...

if $(('.wordglow3').length == 3) {

                $('td[data-word=' + word + ']').addClass('wordglow2');

     } else if $(('.wordglow').length == 3) { 

                $('td[data-word=' + word + ']').addClass("wordglow4");
                guesses[word].splice(0, guesses[word].length);



If it helps, here is a fiddle

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Why not using a draggable/droppable element with an accept/revert setting, since you are using jQuery UI already?

Here is a theoretical way to accomplish an accept/revert drag & drop:

First you need to set your draggable to revert if it is not accepted:

$(".drag").draggable({ revert: 'invalid' });

Then of course you need to define what is valid in your droppable :

$(".drop").droppable({ accept: '.drag' });​

Either you try using a selector to filter the right answers, by setting a class for each letter (.addClass("b");) and later change dynamically this selector with .droppable("option","accept",".b"). Or use the magic powder included in jQuery UI. You can insert a function as a value for "accept", it's returned value will define what you accept as a valid element: $(".drop").droppable( { accept: function() { // add a conditon here to return true or false } });​


To do the same with your click event :

$('.drag').on('click', function(e)

    var target     = $('.drop-box.spellword:not(.occupied):first');
    var targetPos  = target.position();
    var currentPos = $(this).offset();
    var b = $(this);

        // compare clicked letter with expected letter
        if(b.attr("data-letter") == target.attr("data-letter"))
            'position' : 'absolute',
            'top' :,
            'left': currentPos.left

               top  :,
                left : targetPos.left
            }, 'slow', function() {
                b.remove().css({ top: 0, left: 0 }).appendTo(target);
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Seems logical. Have you looked at the fiddle, I have already accepted the drag, I need to accept the animation? How would you implement it into what I have already? @Gil Zumbrunnen – sMilbz Aug 15 '12 at 7:56
I edited my answer with what I hope could work to modify your click event. @sMilbz – Gil Zumbrunnen Aug 15 '12 at 8:56
Add my code after your var target declaration (3rd line). Then copy/paste everything under this line where I've put the comment "//your animation code". Basically at each click you make sure it's the right letter before moving it to the slots, instead of always as you did. @sMilbz – Gil Zumbrunnen Aug 15 '12 at 9:13
My answer is updated with the full event code, I tried on fiddle and it works: Wrong letters are not moved, good ones animate to the left. – Gil Zumbrunnen Aug 15 '12 at 10:04
Well after you need to take everything you did in your drop event and activate event, and apply it in your click event. But I think it is out of the scope of your question. I haven't compare all the code, only used firebug, but you graphically have something similar if you use this line after your b.animate() : b.removeClass('wordglow wordglow4').addClass('wordglow3').css('color', 'white'); – Gil Zumbrunnen Aug 15 '12 at 11:52

If I understand the question, you are looking for a way to check the validity of a word that is created by selecting letters, and then applying styles to the word.

Heres what I would do:

var dict = []; // Create an array with all of the possible words
var word = "";

function createWord(){ // Creates the variable word to be checked against array
  var addToWord = $(this).html(); // Sets the variable addTo Word to the letter selected
  word = word + addToWord; // Adds the selected letter to the current word

function checkWord(){
  var i = dict[].length; // Sets incrementor "i" to the length of the array
  while (i){  // While "i" is a positive value
    if (word == dict[i]){ // Checks if the word is equal to the word in that spot of the array
      // If it is, apply the correct styles
    else{ // If it isn't, 
      // Do Nothing
   i = i--; // Decrease i by one, and repeat until the whole array has been checked

$('foo bar').click(function(){

Good Luck! Hope this helps.


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Thanks Brian. Looking at my fiddle where would you encourperate this into my code as I already have variable for possible words @bwheeler96 – sMilbz Aug 20 '12 at 7:37
if you can show me where to put it in I will award the bounty @bwheeler96 – sMilbz Aug 22 '12 at 7:55
Your original question was about "determine whether it is the correct letter or not", now you're walking us through the entire software and changing your question according to the answers. Next time try to be consistent: validate what solved your animation issue. Then open a bounty for your word checking question which are two different topics. – Gil Zumbrunnen Aug 22 '12 at 8:39

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