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My client uploaded about 500 images to the server, none of which are optimized. Most are only 800x600 or so yet are weighing in as 700 KB - 1.5 MB files. Obviously there is a lot of room for optimization here. I tried doing something locally, but it's maxing out my laptop and taking way too long to churn through. I tried doing something server side (with on my VPS, but that also seems to be taking way too long (we're talking 9 hours to go through 30 images).

Is there a more efficient way to do this? Something like the (now defunct) API would be perfect.

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I'd stick with imageoptim, you can tweak the settings to use different techniques to get it a bit faster.

It shouldn't take too long doing that – typically for me that many images takes around 10 minutes, but it depends on exactly what they are.

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You can use batch conversion feature of this application called IrfanView:

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