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In my mobile web page i wrote handler for a button to reject all clicks after a single click is made and that request is processed by network

$(this).unbind().bind('click', function() {
            return false;

i have a button in my other web page, which takes me to


problem is that when i come back to my prev page, my clicked button won't work again as i had handled it for monkey clicks Is there any state, like clicked, which can be reset on click or my back button

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If you want to handle a single click to an element I would use the jquery one method as it will only fire once. Your button handler could be written like this and the custom code you wrote above to return false can be removed:

$('button').one('click', function () {
   // Handle single click of button here

When you click the back button you will need to rebind that event to the button. I'd just wrap that code in a function and then call it wherever you call history.back():

function HandleSingleButtonClick() {
   $('button').one('click', function () {
      // Handle single click of button here

Then right after your history.back call the function:

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here also if i come back to page with data-rel ="back" my button on fist page wont work :( –  sij Aug 14 '12 at 6:02

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