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What is the best way to implement collection of items, where:

  1. each item could be of different type
  2. each item will raise PropertyChanged event on its change (parent class implements INotifyPropertyChanged)


I'm thinking on something like this: Collection:

["Name", string:"John Doe"]
["Age", int:"32"]
["Profiles", List<Profiles>:"list of profiles"]

I will be able to add new item like this:

Collection.Add("NewItem", value);

And then change it:

Collection["NewItem"] = newValue;

Which will trigger event:


So, as a result, I will be able to subscribe to every-single item from that collection and have different event handlers.


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What you need from your description is what I (and others) would call an ObservableDictionary, which Google will give you several suggestions for implementing. There's no such class built in to .NET, but there are tuturials and third-party implementations a-plenty.

The reasons I say this:

  • the correct interface for notifying that the content of a collection has changed is INotifyCollectionChanged, not INotifyPropertyChanged. When you add an item or call Collection["NewItem"] = newValue, the event you should fire is CollectionChanged, because it's not a property of the list that has changed - it's the content
  • you're clearly intending for your list to have key/value pairs, which means you can't easily use the existing ObservableCollection class.

Separately, you say "I will be able to subscribe to every-single item from that collection," which suggests that you may want to limit the "values" in your dictionary to be INotifyPropertyChanged but, I would suggest, you should create your ObservableDictionary as a generic class, and then you can choose to have the values in the dictionary be any type you need.

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If it has to be a list, use

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That won't work according to the requirements - the question is using a keyed collection, like a Dictionary. –  Dan Puzey Aug 13 '12 at 8:24
oh right, OP updated the question after I submitted my answer. –  DaveDev Aug 13 '12 at 9:29

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