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I am writing a new plugin, registered a new admin menu page, added few submenu pages. One of the pages has doctors list each doctor is picked up from database. I want to have an "edit" link near each doctor. Link has to take client to an edit page. So how to register this page? I don't want edit page to show as submenu page.

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Ok, I have found a solution. You have to create two submenu pages one under another, secound page will not be showed in admin panel. Goes like this:

  add_submenu_page( 'dev7d-father','Daktarai','Daktarai', 'manage_options' , 'dev7d-sub-doctors', 'doctors_options');
        add_submenu_page( 'dev7d-sub-doctors','Daktarų redagavimas','Daktarų redagavimas', 'manage_options' , 'dev7d-sub-doctors-edit', 'doctors_edit');
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