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I've noticed that there are a couple of questions asking about this topic. I looked through them and I was unable to apply them to my specific Spring setup. I would like to configure my login redirect to be conditional, based on the user's role. This is what I have so far:

<http auto-config="true" use-expressions="true">
        <custom-filter ref="filterSecurityInterceptor" before="FILTER_SECURITY_INTERCEPTOR"/>
        <access-denied-handler ref="accessDeniedHandler"/>
        <logout logout-success-url="/index" invalidate-session="true"/>

I thought this question might be in the same line as what I'm trying to do. Anyone know how I can apply it though?


<bean id="authenticationProcessingFilter" class="">
    <property name="authenticationManager" ref="authenticationManager" />
    <property name="authenticationSuccessHandler" ref="authenticationSuccessHandler"/>
<bean id="authenticationSuccessHandler" class="">
    <property name="defaultTargetUrl" value="/login.jsp"/>


Currently I do not have a class like public class Test implements AuthenticationSuccessHandler {} as shown in this example.

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Your question is identical to this one – Luke Taylor Aug 13 '12 at 10:42
Thank you. Could you please check EDIT 1. I'm getting confused because I'm already assigning a spring class to that bean? – ThreaT Aug 13 '12 at 11:08
Hasn't form-login an authenticationSuccessHandler?… – Boris Treukhov Aug 13 '12 at 11:16
@ThreaT this was shown in the Luke's link – Boris Treukhov Aug 13 '12 at 12:19
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I have tested the code and it works, there's no rocket science in it

public class MySuccessHandler implements AuthenticationSuccessHandler {

    public void onAuthenticationSuccess(HttpServletRequest request,
            HttpServletResponse response, Authentication authentication)
            throws IOException, ServletException {
        Set<String> roles = AuthorityUtils.authorityListToSet(authentication.getAuthorities());
        if (roles.contains("ROLE_ADMIN")){

Changes in your security context:

<bean id="mySuccessHandler" class="my.domain.MySuccessHandler">

<security:form-login ... authentication-success-handler-ref="mySuccessHandler"/>

update if you want to use default-target-url approach, it will work equally well, but will be triggered when your user first accesses the login page:

<security:form-login default-target-url="/welcome.htm" />

public class WelcomeController {
    @RequestMapping(value = "/welcome.htm")
    protected View welcome() {

        Set<String> roles = AuthorityUtils
        if (roles.contains("ROLE_ADMIN")) {
            return new RedirectView("Admin.htm");
        return new RedirectView("User.htm");
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