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I have a form where a user is supposed to select predefined data add new data in an input field named xxx and then he/she can proceed further.

When predefined data is selected, a new hidden input is created

$('.selectlists').append('<input type="hidden" name="select" value="1" />')

I have a function which checks if the hidden field exists and if input xxx has any value

function checkAll(){
        if( $("input[name*='select']") ){
            if ( $("input[name*='xxx']").val() != '') {

The function is working fine. But if I create the hidden input and then remove it with jQuery's function remove(), my function checkAll() is showing that the hidden input still exists.

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How about if( $("input[name='select']").length) –  Nick Aug 13 '12 at 9:03
OK, that is definitely the solution of my problem. I'm still wondering why is this function showing the existance of an input. –  Goldie Aug 13 '12 at 9:07
$('...') never returns null or undefined, it returns an empty array if nothing is ound. So your condition will always be true if you don't check the length. –  Yoeri Aug 13 '12 at 9:16
("input[name*='select']") or ("input[name='select']") both returns an array. So even if there is no element this will return an empty array.Therefore we have to check the length of the array. Hope you understand. My English is not that good.. –  Nick Aug 13 '12 at 9:20
But funny thing is that the function works untill the select input is created –  Goldie Aug 13 '12 at 9:37

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if($("input[name*='select']")) ...

should check for the length ...

if( $("input[name*='select']").length > 0) 

JQuery returns an array of matching elements.

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you create input like

$('.selectlists').append('<input type="hidden" name="select" value="1" />').

Right ?

$('.selectlists input[name="select"]').remove();

try in checkAll method:

if( $(".selectlists input[name='select']") ){


if( $(".selectlists input[name='select']").length ){
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use the length property for testing if some element exists, because the function $() returns an array of objects and in javascript all arrays evaluates to true, even if they are empty, which is the case.

if( $("input[name*='select']").length ){

This way, if there's no input[name*='select'] the length will be zero and the expression will evaluate to false.

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Your check will show an alert box with 'ok', when the input field is not present because


Will return 'undefined' and not match empty string.

You can check for the existence of elements by checking if the jQuery object return any hits OR check for 'undefined'

Either of these should work:

typeof $('input[name=xxx]').val() === 'undefined'


$('input[name=xxx]').length === 0

I would prefer option 2. because it seems more robust to changes in jQuery.

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you can try this

 if( jQuery("*[name='select']") ){
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function isexists(){
   var hiddenLen = $(".selectlists input[name*='select']:hidden").length,
       hasval = $.trim( $("input[name*='xxx']").val() ).length;
   return {
      hiddedexists: !len,
      hasval : !hasval

You can use this function like:

var exists = isexists();

exists.hiddenexists; // true of false
exists.hasval;  // true of false


!len will give true if len=0 else false.

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