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private final String DATA_DIR = "/DataBase/";   



 public DownloadRandomPicture(Context context, DropboxAPI<?> api,
            String dropboxPath, ImageView view) {
    mPath = dropboxPath;


Entry dirent = mApi.metadata(mPath, 1000, null, true, null);
 if (!dirent.isDir || dirent.contents == null) {
                    // It's not a directory, or there's nothing in it
                    mErrorMsg = "File or empty directory";
                    return false;

this code is not working at anyone know how to fix it?

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what is the type of dirent ? – Jigar Joshi Aug 13 '12 at 9:15
@Jigar Joshi edited, sorry – Sieryuu Aug 13 '12 at 9:21
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If we are using

final static private AccessType ACCESS_TYPE = AccessType.DROPBOX;

we should

Entry dirent = mApi.metadata(mPath, 1000, null, false, null);

but if we are using

final static private AccessType ACCESS_TYPE = AccessType.APP_FOLDER;

we should use

Entry dirent = mApi.metadata(mPath, 1000, null, true, null);     

The difference is at the boolean at the dirent

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Try this, its useful for you...

        Entry existingEntry = mApi.metadata("/" + SavedProperties.selectedAddress , 1, null, false, null);
            Log.d(TAG, "Folder exists : " + existingEntry.fileName());
            uploadPictures("/"+SavedProperties.selectedAddress + "/");
    catch (DropboxException  e) 
        Log.d(TAG,"Folder does not exist..." + e.fillInStackTrace());
            Entry createFolder = mApi.createFolder("/"+SavedProperties.selectedAddress);
            Log.d(TAG,"Folder created..." + createFolder.rev);
            uploadPictures("/"+SavedProperties.selectedAddress + "/");
        catch (DropboxException e1)
             Log.d(TAG,"Create Folder DropboxException : " + e1.fillInStackTrace() );
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