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I have a controller that sets TempData before returning a view,

public ActionResult Edit(int id, int? order)
    Route route = new Route();
    // Do Work
    TempData["Route"] = route;
    return View(new FormViewModel(route, obj1, obj2));

This view contians a partial view with a link which goes to another action method called delete, the code for the delete link is:

<%= Html.ActionLink("Delete", "Delete", new { order = item.Order })%>

The code for the Delete action method is:

public ActionResult Delete(int order)
    Route route = (Route)TempData["Route"];
    // Do Work

The problem that I'm having is when I try to get TempData["Route"]; from the Delete action method is returning null.

I'm wondering if the issue is that this is a Get and not a Post? If so how can I do a Post to the Delete ActionMethod from within my form?

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TempData persist between two requests. What does the ReturnView method in your Edit action returns? As far as I can tell it is not a standard method defined in the Controller class. Are you redirecting in this method (i.e. returning a RedirectToRouteResult)?

Also are there any other requests that could occur between your Edit and Delete actions? For example ajax requests.

Generally it is not a good idea to use TempData to persist something for a long time. The pattern usually is the following:

public ActionResult Update() 
    // When you put something into the TempData dictionary you usually
    // redirect immediately to an action that will use the object stored
    // inside.
    TempData["something"] = "something";
    return RedirectToAction("success");

public ActionResult Success() 
    var something = TempData["something"];
    return View();

If you need to persist something for a longer time you should use Session.

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I've edited the post, it was a typo, should have been return View() not returnview. –  Fermin Jul 28 '09 at 10:11
How about ajax requests that could invalidate TempData? –  Darin Dimitrov Jul 28 '09 at 10:14
Fixed it, it was a problem with SessionState. Sorted it out with a few changes to the web.config. –  Fermin Jul 28 '09 at 10:19
I take it back, I added SessionState mode="InProc" into the SessionState but it's changed my nice looking URL's from localhost:4402/Route/Edit/1 to: localhost:4402/(S(e23msb30lb3u4vzbhlkhkajx))/Route/Edit/1 Any ways round this? I don't have any AJAX requests that invalidate TempData. –  Fermin Jul 28 '09 at 10:22
The "token" you see in the url is when you disable cookies for session tracking. Just set cookieless="false" in sessionState and your urls will be nice again. –  Darin Dimitrov Jul 28 '09 at 11:00

Another factor of TempData not working is when your App is under a distributed system.

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