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I'm writing what should have been a simple WP75 app.

Main page contains a Pivot, within which is a single ListBox and ItemTemplate. The ItemTemplate contains a Grid, which contains a variety of TextBlock and Rectangle objects.

This is all declared in XAML, and the ListBox itemsource is bound to an ObservableCollection e.g. {Binding SomeList}

At runtime I need to change the state (visibility, fill color) of some of the elements in each item's Grid, based on the data in some of the bound object fields.

To do this I'm catching the loaded event for the Grid within the listboxitem, and changing the visual state of the elements based on the DataContext values.

(See below for a summary of the XAML definitions)

The problem only occurs when I have a list long enough to cause some unloading/reloading of items (?) during scrolling.

The problem is that randomly it seems like the grid_loaded() event is called with either the wrong sender value, or the wrong DataContext value in the sending Grid.

The symptom is that elements in the listboxitem's Grid that are bound directly to a field of the list objects (like the textblock at end of XAML below) will always display the correct data.

However in the grid_loaded() callback (see below), the DataContext is the wrong Item ?!!

Assume I must be doing something stupid here, but I'm stumped. Again, it only happens when scrolling up and down in a longer list. It can affect one or many items.

Any help appreciated.

            ItemsSource="{Binding ItemList}" 
                        <Rectangle> ...
                        <TextBlock  Text="{Binding Name}" />

    private void grid_Loaded(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
        Grid grid = (Grid)sender;
        Item item = (Item)grid.DataContext;

  ... item here is WRONG sometimes, and does not match the values in directly databound fields of the grid! ....
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Wow... I did not realise you could hookup events to a template like that... next question is "WHY?" :) You should not be interfering with the individual template items as they are loaded. You should be looking at the data source for the whole set (your SomeList ObservableCollection) and modifying the members there either after the entire page has loaded, or when the data is loaded. –  TrueBlueAussie Aug 13 '12 at 9:36
Are you just trying to edit members of your data template of the Data itself? See personally I would add some fields to your ObservableCollection<Item> your Item class could contain a default set value of you could set it to a custom value depending on the state of that object. These fields can then be hooked up to your DataTemplates fields using the {Binding Name} which will then reflect inside your Listbox during runtime. So if a value changes the colour of that items row can be highlighted –  John Antony Daniel Nolan Aug 13 '12 at 9:42
Thanks for the responses. Be gentle, my first C# or XAML/SL or WP app. The ItemList is LINQ DB objects. @John - Yes, I considered creating a "container" class to wrap them and create extra fields in there just for UX element data binding, that just seemed really inefficient to me. Hitech - problem is that the listbox implementation appears to discard/re-create items as it scrolls when the list is long, so I don't see how the post page-load event would work. It has to be per listitem load. –  tejus Aug 13 '12 at 16:39
Also, @Hitech, the event does not fire on template load, it fires on the actual item load, and I'm modifying the state of UI elements in each item - not the template. –  tejus Aug 13 '12 at 17:26
Tejus its not inefficient, what would be inefficient is to bind your data to your UI and then modify it. The nano seconds it takes for your phone to process items before adding them to your UI is much more efficient than say using a postprocessing method –  John Antony Daniel Nolan Aug 14 '12 at 8:09

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