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I have a table with the following fields :

 PersonnelTable Table fields:

 * FirstName
 * LastName
 * Address
 * IdNumber
 * UserName
 * Password
 * Status

In that table I allow duplicate records .

I want to remove one occurrence from that table where :

String sqlStatement = "DELETE FROM `PersonnelTable` WHERE `Password` = ? AND `UserName` = ? ";
m_prepared.setString(1, _password);  // set the password
m_prepared.setString(2, _username);  // set the user-name
int rowsAffected = m_prepared.executeUpdate();

But that query would remove all the records where Password = ? and UserName = ?

How can I remove only one record using that query ?


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IdNumber is unique field? –  Mohammod Hossain Aug 13 '12 at 9:37

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The LIMIT clause can be used in UPDATE or DELETE statements too:

"DELETE FROM `PersonnelTable` WHERE `Password` = ? AND `UserName` = ? LIMIT 1"
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How can I remove only one record using that query ?

You can use the "LIMIT 1" clause of mySQL's DELETE statement.

But if you want to remove all but last rows, you need to do this:

SELECT COUNT(*) FROM `PersonnelTable` WHERE `Password` = ? AND `UserName` = ? FOR UPDATE;
DELETE FROM `PersonnelTable` WHERE `Password` = ? AND `UserName` = ? LIMIT ?; # (last fetched count - 1)
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