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Please reference this link: How to import the outlook mail data to Excel

I have spent the last several fruitless hours trying to reproduce this. I am a bit confused. First of all let me explain I am trying to build a Macro that will automatically extract certain table data from an email and place it on a continued row. The company I work for is well difficult in terms of cooperation contracting. So, they send out an auto mail for payment that is an embedded email message table whereas we have to manually copy xtract the data needed into our own excel each time to difuse out in other macros to pay our contractors, and yes the simple alernative to ask for an excel sheet reflecting payment is out of question, go figure corporate. So, the link above is somewhat good but doesn't seem to do anything, I am somewhat lost, confused, and hopeless at his point. I am bit sure what to do and do not have so much experience with VB. An aside, as I understand you can not record a macro from Outlook; all sub(s) and then what the heck....should I somehow re-work this for excel and import to Outlook or something...please anyone....accounting is a nightmare for us right now.

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I was the author of the answer to the question you referenced. It was not possible to fully answer the question because the questioner did not say what data was to be extracted from which emails. Part 1 of that answer was a tutorial. Part 2 was a list of issues to be addressed. Clearly that approach did not work for user1049518 or for you. I thought Siddharth gave a good answer to this question: stackoverflow.com/q/11876549/973283 but it was apparently not enough for Pradeep so I tried a new approach. Look at the two answers to this question and see if they help. –  Tony Dallimore Sep 21 '12 at 7:35
Failing that, look at my profile where you will find an email address. Forward me one of the emails you receive and I will see if I can suggest anything else. –  Tony Dallimore Sep 21 '12 at 7:36

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