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I have route

GET /public/img/sv_{oldid}.jpg?code={code}&id={id}


and method in Java class

public static void fetchImage(String code, Long id)
    System.out.println(id + "   i  " + code);

and when I try to put URL website

in console I get error :

Ignoring code,id (static params must be specified as key:'value',...)

and if I change ? to / in route it works.

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You don't need to write down the parameter's name in function. try this

GET     /public/img/sv_{<[0-9]+>old_id}.jpg   Application.fetchImage
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I'm not sure what version of play you are using. But this works out for me(play 2.2.2):

GET  /store/:store_id/book/new  controllers.Application.newMemory(store_id: String, bookname: String ?= "")

This router can match:

/store/store01/book/new?bookname=somebook, which will call controllers.Application.newMemory("store01", "somebook")

/store/store02/book/new, which will call controllers.Application.newMemory("store02", "")

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