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I work on a Java program that should be compatibe with Java 5. I had @Override annotations on implemented interface methods which is allowed in Java 6, but not in 5. I use a Java 6 SDK. Eclipse correctly gives error messages on the @Override when I set it to 5.0 compliance. My Maven build, however, runs without even a warning, using the following settings in my POM:


Am I correct in expecting that this should actually make the build fail? Why doesn't it, and is there something I can do?

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This is actually a JDK problem, not a Maven problem. The @Override annotation is not failing with a -source 1.5 flag to to a 1.6 javac. Go ahead and try it. The only way to make it fail, is, unfortunately, to use a 1.5 javac.

Sorry, HTH.

I ran into this problem myself, and I also wondered if it's actually looking at the setting in the pom. Turning on debug output (-X I believe, was a while ago) will print the javac command line to the standard output, and you'll see that it is indeed using the -source 1.5 parameter.

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As roe's answer says you need to use a 1.5 compiler because the JDK isn't doing its job quite right. It's worth pointing out that you can avoid messing about with paths etc. by tweaking the maven-compiler-plugin configuration to use a specific compiler:


You can then specify the path to the compiler in your project or settings.xml

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Good point, too. – Hanno Fietz Jul 29 '09 at 8:51

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