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I have a project where dynamically creating tables in database. And I didn't know what is table are used in some moment. And want something like this: [db executeQuery:@"INSERT INTO %@Table (image) VALUES (?)",tableName,imageData]; But it didn't work. How can I solve this problem?

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You can create a string and then use this string to do the query, something like that:

NSString* queryStr = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"INSERT INTO %@(image) VALUES (?) ",tableName];
[db executeQuery:queryStr,imageData];
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Note that there is another function in FMDB if you want to use a format string. You will have to use executeQueryWithFormat: instead of executeQuery:.

If tableName is "Employees" your string would evaluate to:

"INSERT INTO EmployeesTable (image) values (<data>)"

Is that what you want (i.e. adding the string "Table" to the table name)?

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