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I am using StrokesPlus (mouse gestures that uses SendKeys) with the following short-cut to to close windows:


The default close windows is control+w, but not all programs accept that (UltraEdit, for one, uses control+F4 - with control+w toggling word-wrap, which I use a lot).

I am also using Florian Winkelbauer's 4 Clip, which binds F1-F4 to clipboards, so F1+c, F1+v etc for copy/paste to the first clipboard. A sample of the bindings from 4clip are below.

*F1::SendInput {blind}{F1}
*F2::SendInput {blind}{F2}
*F3::SendInput {blind}{F3}
*F4::SendInput {blind}{F4}

; F3 + F$
F3 & F4::
    Gosub SetDelimiter

; F4
F4 & c::CopyClipboard(4)
F4 & a::AppendClipboard(4)
F4 & s::SwapClipboard(4)
F4 & p::PrintClipboard(4)
F4 & v::PasteClipboard(c4)
F4 & b::PasteClipboard(cp4)
F4 & d::Clear(4)

The problem I find is that when I use the StrokesPlus shortcut, the window closes but then the system is left as though the control key is still depressed: I can press escape and the start menu appears (just as it does when you press control+escape).

I have replicated this on both Windows 7 64 bit and Windows XP 64 bit.

I have confirmed that if I comment out all the F4 bindings in 4 clip, the problem goes away.

I have also posted this on the StrokesPlus forum and the Autohotkey forum.

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Solved by Rob (the author of StrokesPlus) in his reply to my post on the StrokesPlus forum.


Use the above in StrokesPlus instead of the default:


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