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I have a dictionary that contains key value pairs where the values are also dictionaries:

    'item1':{'name':'filename', 'size':1024},
    'item2':{'name':'filename', 'size':1024},
    'item3':{'name':'diff_filename', 'size':1024},
    'item4':{'name':'diff_filename', 'size':1024}

I want to remove items in the dictionary that have duplicate 'filename' fields in their values giving me the result:

    'item1':{'name':'filename', 'size':1024},
    'item3':{'name':'diff_filename', 'size':1024}
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You're missing a ' –  John La Rooy Aug 13 '12 at 10:14
updated the missing ' –  Finglish Aug 13 '12 at 10:21

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Use an auxiliary set to track what filenames you have seen already:

seen = set()
{k: v for k, v in yourdict.iteritems() 
    if v['name'] not in seen and (seen.add(v['name']) or True)}

Or, more readable as a loop:

seen = set()
filtered = dict()
for k, v in yourdict.iteritems():
    if v['name'] in seen:
    filtered[k] = v
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