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This code:

        <input type="checkbox">

yields this: wide, which is wide. I want only the check-box square part, like the check-boxes in this demo. Writing only <td><input type="checkbox"></td> creates simple check-box (not JQM style), since it's inside a table.

Does somebody has simple solution ?

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first of all you will not be able to customize the by default developed HTML control. what I meant is just taking out the square portion from check box.

The link you share is doing it with the help of css classes and images.


<label class="ui-btn ui-btn-icon-left ui-btn-corner-all ui-checkbox-on 
ui-btn-up-c" data-theme="c" for="selectRow-2">
<span class="ui-btn-inner ui-btn-corner-all" aria-hidden="true">
<span class="ui-btn-text">
<span class="ui-icon ui-icon-shadow ui-icon-checkbox-on">

Later on when you click the square with help of java-script they have just swapped classes.

<label class="ui-btn ui-btn-icon-left ui-btn-corner-all ui-checkbox-off ui-btn-up-d" 
data-theme="d" for="selectRow-1">
<span class="ui-btn-inner ui-btn-corner-all" aria-hidden="true">
<span class="ui-btn-text">
<span class="ui-icon ui-icon-shadow ui-icon-checkbox-off">

The easiest way would be using some thing similar in your layout and swapping the classes with JS.

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Yes, this is the regular HTML-CSS-JS method. Are you sure there is no out-of-box JQM method to do it ? –  Tal Aug 13 '12 at 10:41
nope there isn't. I'm doing the same and am re-formatting the checkbox CSS, so that only the box is visible. I posted a feature request on JQM, but I guess it's far down the wishlist :-) –  frequent Aug 13 '12 at 13:56
@frequent, where's the link to add +1 for this feature ? –  Tal Aug 13 '12 at 14:38
@Tal: it's been movet to the feature request page, issue was here. –  frequent Aug 13 '12 at 15:24

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