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I have some Ruby on Rails applications that are using Active Admin gem. Rails version is 3.2.6, Active Admin version is 0.4.4.

I am pushing these applications to Heroku, then doing migrations and everything is working fine. But after some time (when application restarts) i'm starting to get 404 error when trying to open admin page (like myapp/admin). In logs there is an error:

ActionController::RoutingError (uninitialized constant Admin::DashboardController)

Moreover, if i'm trying to open some other admin page (like myapp/admin/videos - to administer videos) everything is still working fine, but error 404 persists when opening Dashboard page.

I have tried to put

config.cache_classes = true
config.assets.compile = true 

to my config files, but all the same.

Basically the scheme is as follows:

  1. I make some changes to the app, commit the changes with "git add .", "git commit" and push it to Heroku

  2. I open the /admin page on Heroku and it works fine

  3. After application restarts i get 404 error when visiting /admin, but everything still works when accessing other admin pages, not dashboard

  4. GoTo 1

I'm still unsure if the error appears when the app is restarted by itself (not by "heroku restart").

Any ideas why this is happening? Maybe someone can advice how to switch off this Dashboard and use my myapp/admin/videos as the default admin page?

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I had this very same problem, and since it complaints about the ActiveAdmin Dashboard, and it is now deprecated I proceeded to update my dashboard.rb file to the new Dashboard style and that solved the problem.

(I got that file from here).

Hope it helps.

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I got the same issue. Check whether you have to upgrade ActiveAdmin to new version When upgrading to a new version of ActiveAdmin you may need to run

rails generate active_admin:assets

If you get:

uninitialized constant Admin::DashboardController

Use the New default page for admin/dashboard.rb

which is like following,

ActiveAdmin.register_page "Dashboard" do

  menu :priority => 1, :label => proc{ I18n.t("active_admin.dashboard") }

  content :title => proc{ I18n.t("active_admin.dashboard") } do
    div :class => "blank_slate_container", :id => "dashboard_default_message" do
      span :class => "blank_slate" do
        span I18n.t("active_admin.dashboard_welcome.welcome")
        small I18n.t("active_admin.dashboard_welcome.call_to_action")

    # Here is an example of a simple dashboard with columns and panels.
    # columns do
    #   column do
    #     panel "Recent Posts" do
    #       ul do
    #         Post.recent(5).map do |post|
    #           li link_to(post.title, admin_post_path(post))
    #         end
    #       end
    #     end
    #   end

    #   column do
    #     panel "Info" do
    #       para "Welcome to ActiveAdmin."
    #     end
    #   end
    # end
  end # content
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