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Say in my system in jpeg library:

$ > nm libjpeg.a | grep jpeg_finish_decompress
00000510 T _jpeg_finish_decompress

But in openjpeg library:

$ > nm lib/libopenjpeg.a | grep opj_decode_with_info
00000240 T _opj_decode_with_info@12

The latter has @12 at the end. I guess 12 is the total size of the arguments.
Nevertheless why some symbols have @-ending? The question arises when I tried to compile mupdf library. It links ok against jpeg library for example but fails to link agains openjpeg.

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The short answer is name mangling. It is used even for plain c code, not only c++.

Next example is from wikipedia. Next function definitions:

int _cdecl    f (int x) { return 0; }
int _stdcall  g (int y) { return 0; }
int _fastcall h (int z) { return 0; }

give these symbols:

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