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Basically, what I'm asking for is opinions on the best way to do the following;

I basically have this already: http://jsfiddle.net/BnJ3G/1/ which is more or less a background animation depending on the scroll event. Similar to a paralax type function.

I just wanted to know, the easiest way to tackle multiple axis with little coding, I have around 10 different things I need to apply this effect to, but at the moment I'm limited to the +x axis, where as I need (+X, -X, +Y and -Y). Is there someway this can be altered so that I can do something simple like this outside of the main function?



I'd love the help if possible!

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We develop a jQuery plugin to do this of a easy way: http://globocom.github.com/destaque/ It's not so simple to achieve this effects just with animate.

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